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190 Flex disc r/r in progress right now -- help needed

1991 190E 2.6

-- front end on ramps, back end on jacks, wheels free to turn
-- trans support removed
-- bolts out of flex disc

-- I can't get enough movement to pull the driveshaft back for clearance to remove the old and put in the new disc
-- I have read on the board about the "big nut" that may need to be loosened (not removed) to accomodate more movement.

Where is this nut?

OR, do you have another suggestion?


Ok, the flex disc metal couplings had "welded" themselves to the drive shaft. With a little, uh, persuasion it popped loose. I still had to lower the exhaust bracket so that I would have enough room to get the disc out of the hole -- you know where the splines (male part) goes into the drive shaft (female part). [enough, already, I'm getting worked up here :-) ]

Now, let's just see if I can get it all back together. Rubber was fine, but the metal inserts were loose within the disc.

Thanks mucho -- brookspw
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