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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
I've seen considerably worse in a well running 617.
I really don't know how to evaluate the blow-by.... That is more of a sideshow.... I have heard from others that it is not that big of a deal...

My concern is the 1 quart every 150 miles, or so, of oil consumption. For the amount that I drive the car, frankly, even that isn't a big deal.... But I would like to determine the cause, and then decide what's to be done about it.

It is really a neat car, I like the style, and, as an OM617 W115, it is an historic and increasingly rare model.... So I would like to preserve it. Historic in the sense that the 1975 300D was the first time Mercedes put a 5 cylinder diesel in a sedan.... And it was only in the W115 for those two years, in 1975 and 1976. Then the W123 was introduced.

My son loves it, and I plan to give it to him at some point. I would like to give it to him in better shape than it is now.

Oh, and did I mention... It was also built the year I got married... So a bit of Romantic Nostalgia there also. It is more than just nuts and bolts, and dollars and cents.

All of the above enters into my decision as to what ultimately needs to be done to the car. More than you wanted to know, I am sure.
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