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300SDL Seat Belt Bolt Hardware Order of Installation

Title says most of it. On my 1986 300SDL, each front seat belt is attached to a rail which is bolted to the driveshaft tunnel aft of the seat. There are a total of four "pieces" here.... the rail itself, the bolt that holds it all together, a rubber washer, and a bowl-shaped metal washer of some sort.

The seats have been out of this one before, both at my doing and at the previous owner's. They are currently out again, and I'm putting different ones in today. In what order do these various pieces assemble?

the way it came off was this:

Bolt goes through the rail hole directly. The metal bowl washer goes on the BACK side of the rail (compared to the bolt head; closest to the driveline tunnel) with the bowl's "inner" surface facing the rail. The rubber washer was the last piece on the bolt-end before it entered the driveline hump.

Is this correct? If not, what order should all that stuff go together in?


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