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Lousy instructions on Bosch Fast Glow kit

I have a 1978 240 D (manual trans) with a serial number starting 123.123. According to my Haynes manual, that makes it a UK (probably Canadian) model.

It came with the old loop style plugs which I have changed out for the pin style. The Kit (Bosch number 0 250 201 044) came with the new plugs, the connectors and a Glow Time Controller.

I am in the middle of a fast glow install. The problem is that the Bosch Fast Glow Instructions seem to have been translated rather poorly. I am having trouble figuring out what some tf the terms mean.

For example, what is a "compensating resistor"?

The instructions indicate to connect all wires to the fuse box itself, but I used the old wiring harness to connect it to the proper fuses.

I have everything installed as best I can, but the car won't start. I don't have a voltmeter, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to get one of those and test the circuits.

In the mean time, I have a couple of questions.

1. Is the Glow Time Control box really necessary? Can't I just hook up the new plugs in parellell to the old wires from the ignition and take off the grounding strip at the front of the engine?

2. On the 123 old style plugs, wiring comes from the fuse box and ignition and then plugs into the wall of the engine compartment. The wall socket - that the wires plug into - disappears behind the engine wall compartment and looks like it goes towards the glove compartment. Does anyone know where it goes and what is back there. I don't understand what could be back there.

3. On a different matter, while searching the archives for posts on glow plugs, I became convinced that I need a valve adjustment. I have a book as well as these archives, but can anyone tell me what the wrench sizes are for valve adjustments. And do the wrenches NEED to be bent?

Thanks, much! I'll be riding my bike to work until I get this fixed!

81 300D 250K (sold)
79 240D 200k
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