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Thanks for the info guys! I drove the car today and believe it or not it drove like a dream! We had to jump it off and it started with little smoke! I ran it pretty good for 30min. or so and the temp never got above 3/4 and the fan never kicked on. The tranny shifted surprisingly smooth with little lurching. I would floor the pedal and let it wind to 3500 rpm or so and saw little black soot out the rear.

The downs were a non working speedo and no a/c of course, no radio power and the tach,fuel guage,temp. guage,windows and sunroof quit by the end of the test drive.
One thing that concerned me was there was fuel leaking from around the metal tube that runs to cyl. 5 where it meets at the engine. Is that a big problem? There was also a little smoke coming from the hole at the air filter on top of the engine.

I offered $1000 but he said $2000. I left and told him to call if he wanted to think about it.

I hope I am not out of line. We will see what happens.


Joe Golden

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