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I came to the same conclusion that Alex did. I had $11,000 to spend on a good car for my wife to commute in. Her commute is over the most dangerous high speed freeway in the US, highway 17 between San Jose and Santa Cruz, California. I wanted a safe car for that! I found a 1986 300e (W124) with 82k on! Can you believe it!!! It was near by, so I drove over, checked it out and bid on it. I got it for $8600.00 Unfortunately the valve stems seals were shot and I had to have the head rebuilt. ( could have avoided all that if I'd discovered this page earlier and knew to ask the group what was wrong with my car before I tried to figure it out myself) Now that's done, I'm smarter and the car runs like a champ!
Hope you find a good deal
Good Luck

Kyle De Priest
1986 300e
1972 BMW R75/5 (Best there is)
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