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Messing with mother nature

Not sure why someone would consider removing the primary cooling fan on a motor like the 103?

I have found over the years between owning cars and racing motorcycles, the manufacuters build them the way they do for a reason. And in large part usually know what's best (Yugo's aside).

First 124, 103 is a touring car, not a racing car, if you want to go fast purchase a c55 amg.

Second, trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

Car weighs a bunch (4000 lbs or so), engine is mild mannered 170 hp or so.

Potential gain = imperseptibale increase in power and insignifigant gain in acceleration.
Potential loss = motor.

Simple equation.

Don't mean to be harsh but when ever you try to force a machine to be something it's not designed to be you are looking for instant never ending greif.

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