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Originally posted by carman850
For 400 E, with the stock alloy 15X6.5 rims, the clearance between rims and calipers is only 2-3 mm.

Since the size of 15X6.5 is for the outside portion that contact with tires, I worry even slight thickness/structure difference of different rims may cause trouble, if the rims extend more than 2-3 mm inwards towards the carlipers....
I think that's true. Could be that the replica wheels Tire Rack sells do not have enough clearance in their "300E" size whereas official MB wheels do. I do know they came with different length lug bolts than my stock wheels.

RE: steel wheels being used in Europe -- I thought the 400E/500E was only sold in the US so if true I would wonder if steel MB wheels would in fact have enough clearance...
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