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Unhappy E500 maintenance


I have been refered to our site by Dean Albrecht who also has the same car as me,the amazing Mercedes E500!

I have bought my car as used from the authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer in Beirut,Lebanon.

It is a 1992 500E with 75,000KM and looks great inside out as it has been maintained my the dealer and Serviced regularly.

Lately I have been smelling burning Oil from the car and some black fumes after reving the engine,the Oil pressure guage shows max(3) when driving and drops slightly below (2) when idle and neutral which is normal as I understood,the Oil level in the dipstick is within limits also,and the Oil lamp in the instrument panel goes out after engine strating.

I hate to discover that my Merc. is consuming Engine oil which could mean a costly engine overhaul!

please advise as to this matter soon and thank you for your cooperation.

best regards.
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