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89 300e

I purchased a 1989 260e in Aug 2001 with just 43,000 miles on it from the original owner. The 260e is essentially the 300e chassis with a 2.6 liter eng. Since buying the car I have replaced the following: center and rear mufflers ( they were rotted out due to the fact the car was never driven far enough to reach operating temp), plastic thermostat housing (the neck broke off while driving), radiator (neck broke off while driving), right and left tie-rod assy's, and the tires. The tires had plenty of tread left but the sidewalls were cracking because it sat so much. I love the car and plan to keep it but have found that time is an enemy as well as milage. I've put $3000.00 into the car in the 14 mos. that I've had it and finally have it to where I feel I know the car and it is dependable. I've done all the work myself except for a front end alignment . Fastlane has quality parts at great prices and the posts help the do-it-yourselfer do much of the maint. Enjoy the car and happy motoring.
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