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88 300E will not start...It appears to have Bronchitis

OK. Little background. Please bare with me Car started displaying signs of OVP trouble within last 2 months. Intermittent activation of ABS light followed by rough idle and engine hesitation. This began getting worse of late...frequently when i started the car the probelm would exist right at start up and would persist longer then usual. The OVP relay is the older (faulty) unit. 10 amp Fuse is intact. Now on to my real problem. Yesterday i drove the car for about an hour without any problems. After shutting it down for about 30 minutes, when i ateempt to start it there was a bit of a "sneeze" or back fire, then it just cranked but refused to start. Yes, It has gas in it. Evetnually had to have it flatbeded home. Pulled the coil wire and checked the spark and got a nice strong spark. So I concluded it wasnt getting gas, maybe a bad fuel pump or plugged filter. I proceeded to remove the air cleaner and i broke down teh fuel line taht feeds the rear of the throttle body (not sure but there is 2 lines coming from rear of car?) fuel line, when the key was turned on gas flowed freely. Now Im not so sure its fuel related. Then it dawned on me that the "butterfly" (for lack of a better name) on the throttle body was not opening, so i thought maybe im not gettting any air in the mix. I had a friend crank it over while i opened the throttle body just a pinch and she fired right up (though continued to run rough and only at above 1000 RPM. If he came off the throttle it would stall. So now im wondering what controls the opening and closing of the throttle body, or more dirrectly the air/fuel mix. Is this an electrical or vaccume issue? Could this be relate to the OVP? Please help!
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