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I know all too well what you point is , Jimbo,
As you noticed , I did not send him a schematic , I sent a Pictoral. With a Parts list.
And the reasoning I did so is quite simple..
.As some guys don't read schematics well enough to make the tool, [ which I get email request for from members with this exact question when I used to post the tool in schematic form],I have simplified the process of putting one together for anybody ..
[along with making several of these for members-free of charge, which is besides the point]
And the parts list contains a 12 volt LED that already has a Resistor...and that was picked out for just that purpose..

So don't give me your "Odds are , the casual builder will grab any led" stuff when I gave a SPECIFIC parts list..

You jumped on it before thinking it out and then attemp to turn it upside down..

I don't THROW diagrams around without thought and next time you want to tell members " Don't make that tool, it won't work- come see mine that does ", do a little homework beforehand...

Thanks so much for giving me such an "adequate chance " to
The Adequate Chance was yours ...Glad it took another poster to pick up on it for ya..