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Question 400E Vibration, What to do Next??

Vibration, What to do Next

There have been many helpful articles on this problem, but where do you start when all parts look sound and in good condition?
I purchased a 92 400E new, now has 92,000 miles, maintained in excellent condition, and it has a vibration which is felt in the rear of the car. The vibration is felt more at higher speeds (as 67-71;77-81, and at certain speeds you feel little or no vibration. Basic problem solving tried: switched wheels and tires, replaced the rear shocks and front struts, checked wheel bearings & repacked, check alignment, visually inspected all suspension parts, driveshaft-flex disk, etc.
What do I/dealer start replacing, any suggestions as to a starting point, or what order in replacing parts? This can be expensive as you all know, and I'm not sure where to go next. Note posting below. M.B. DOC, is this vibration noticed without applying the brakes? Appreciate your help, Thanks Tim


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As most of the 1992 400E's had rotor problems under warranty, (vibration) the fix was to use calipers & rotors from the 1993 model. Sounds like your car!
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