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I need help!

My turn signals won't work nor my brake lights! I fiddled around under the shifter trying to get my stereo to work and after I did that they all just stopped working. I went to the junkyard and switched the hazard switch and it still doesn't work. Also fuses number 1 and 4 ( hazard switch/ inst panel) keep blowing out. If I turn on the HZD Switch fuse 4 blows. I stuck but I know it has something to do with the hzd switch. Does anyone know which wires go into what in the hzd switch? I know the brown one is ground, and the red/white is power but I don't know where they would go could that be the problem? It looks something like this.


O O Power(red/white)


O (Brown) Ground

Something like that
this is on a 79 280se auto.

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