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One common problem on 300e's is a blown fuse on the overvoltage relay. This still allows the engine to run but none of the normal enrichments will occur. To properly set the fuel mixture you need an instrument that shows the intergrater correction. A substitute would be to monitor the oxygen sensor voltage. If your mechanic did neither of these things he's just guessing. Another problem that I've seen repeatedly is a split vacuum hose on the idle control hose where it connects to the bottom side of the fuel distibutor housing. This is probably easier to see from under the car. One eazy way to detect vacuum leaks is to poor a heavy stream of water over the intake manifold and related plumbing. If you do this of course you need to avoid putting water into the flap of the mixture control unit, assuming you might best test with the air filter removed. Good luck! A properly running 300e is one fine automobile.
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