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More on W210 Rear Window Regulator

Just replaced the driver's side rear regulator this weekend. I had broken it by holding the button in the UP position too long. (That little motor has a lot of torque!) First of all, door panel was easy to get off using instructions on this board. My car is '97 E320 and the panel fastners just pop out once the three screws are removed. I found that a 1 1/2" putty knife covered with masking tape makes good tool to pry off trim and panel. Now for the parts procurement process. Dealer wanted $240 for new regulator plus motor. Said that was only way it came. Did not need motor so called Phil at PartsShop who had me a new regulator only in 2 days for $84. Worst part of the job was popping the new rivets that Phil provided. They are steel and Sears Craftsman largest pop riveter was barely up to the task. (Aluminum rivets might be easier but Mercedes are made of steel, right?) I found that a few of those clear, flexible suction gizmos for sticking things on windows or other smooth surfaces work great for holding window in whatever position you want while working on the regulator. Just wdge them into the space between the glass (inside) and the rubber strip. Also, chewing gum on the end of large Phillips screwdriver works great for extracting the screw under the arm rest plug. Of course you could just let it fall if you know you are going to take off the door panel. I was able to carefully "unstick" the plastic film moisture barrier and roll it up with masking tape as it is held in place by fastners for the loudspeaker. My adhesive was still tacky enough to put it back perfectly. All-in-all, not a bad job to do if you have a few hours, a good parts man and the right riveter.
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