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Well Jimbo,
Judging by your post that this tool just "Won't Work", one could
reasonably assume/deduct that you you did not know that circuit at that time --- pretty simple..
Of course. I know that you , of all people , know the circuit.
[ but I think you just didn't see a resistor in there and didn't spend anymore time checking it out .. cuz ya wuz just in to big a hurry to get to that ketboard, weren't cha ?????]


I don't need any of your insight on this matter..
I have been posting a schematic version for members
of the tool before your site ever existed..

And my schematic version already has a footnote advising both versions/parts , as any members that I sent them to over the years will attest to...

The pictoral version needs no explanation.
It is geared to simplicity for those not EE savy..
"Here are the parts and here is a picture of how to hook them up. " Period.
KISS simplicity...

You have a great site, but don't come down on guys passing some simple info on to inquiring members cuz the Schematics don't meet Your High Standards...or a much better presentation can be found at yadayadayada..

The tool works [ contrary to your error/oversight that it didn't]
but rather than just let it be, you find that you have to continue on to cover yourself by atttacking it's presentation..
or anything else you can grab at !!!

Hang it are spinning your wheels..

Duc4208 /members..
As always , Duc and/or anyone needing any assistance w/tool constuction and /or code assistance, continue to feel free to email me.. It is alway a pleasure to help a fellow Benzer out..