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Thumbs up Balls, what balls?

Thanks fasthair, whoever you are. I have the CD, but didn't have it when I disassembled the box (typical). There are 24 balls, which loaded nicely once I read the manual and figured it out. The car is a 1984 500SEL, which i've owned for about 9 months. It has always had a lot of play in the steering, and the friction adust never did anything, and now I know why. While replacing the balls, I noticed I only had 23! Obviously this has been apart before. After locating another and loading them in, viola, no more play. I was then able to properly adjust the friction on the worm shaft per the manual. I am about the reinstall it, so we'll see what happens. I manually lined up center position on the pitman shaft, which I hope isn't so precise that I have more range turning one way or another. The manual didn't give a precise way of setting this, but there is a top center notch on the pitman shaft which I assume is for this purpose. And yes, I am probably in over my head, but with the manual, renewed patience, and an engineering degree, I think I'm fast becoming learn-ed. One thing I noted while the box was apart was alot of gunk inside. Now I know why you need to flush and renew the fluid periodically.
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