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Originally posted by jsmith

it seems nobody has attempted this and the answer is probably no. i think if you just removed the v-fan your car would overheat easily.
On my wife's 190E-2.6, i didn't know the VCF was defective until my thermostat crapped out and was stuck in the 1/2 way position. The car was heating badly only after you stopped at a light or something, and would never cool down even with the aux. fans going FULL blast. Replaced the thermostat and locked the VCF. At a stop with the a/c on, the temps will go up. But after the aux. fans kick in, it all cools down.
So, you probably could live w/o the VCF if all is working properly. However, once something fails, you may not be in the ideal place or time. Odds are you will burn the engine or crack the head.

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