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Unhappy Thermostat

Hello everyone,

I have a 1994 C280, and having overheating problem since the water pump leaked and was replaced. I had the coolant flushed after the pump replacement because I noticed that the shop used the regular green antifreeze, and the temperature was above 100 at all time and the belt was stretched.

Now the temperature gauge shown around 80 while the car is moving, and raised to near 110 when stopped after the Benz shop replaced the belt, tensioner and others. The hoses are still burning hot when touched from the outside, and the fenders are very hot from the outside as well.

Could this be the thermostat's problem? Where is the t-stat located in the 1994 C280 model? Any picture to help locate it will be greatly appreciated. I think I may do this myself to avoid another big bill.

The auxiliary fans kicked in only when the temperature got to 110, and turned off right after it cooled down slightly. I don't know whether or not the cooling fan run at higher speed when the temperature got above 90 or not.

Your help will be very appreciated.

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