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Originally posted by Aaron:

I believe that Karl Middelhauve has done the KHM electronic injection on a couple of 6.3s. Read the latest issue of the Star magazine and the article about his 300SE 6.3 coupe should be in there. It describes the fuelie system. I guess it's his own brainchild.

I saw the 300SE Coupe/6.3 conversion last summer at the M-100 Group meeting.I talked with the guy that did the developement work (Dale). The system is based on a kit made for American V8s(that's what Dale usually works on).It uses a manifold pressure sensor, cam and crank position sensors,temp sensors, and an O2 sensor.
One of the odd things was the intake manifold. Its an air box with very short runners. The installer thought that the tuned runners in the original were only for low rpm torque...actually the intake runner length is for mid-range power. The modified intake is supposed to improve high rpm operation. But a 6.3 suffers from excessive piston speed (over 3800 fpm) at around 6100 rpm. Not a candidate for "high rpm" operation. At $10,000 the system isn't cheap. For that kind of money, I would want at least a 50% increase in power(with dyno sheets). The mileage figures were less than impressive (9.6 mpg city;15.7 mpg hiway). So far, there are no dynamometer numbers I know of(though the article does claim 435 HP). Any output increase may be due to the 10.5:1 compression pistons (Star Motors) and the sport cams(developed jointly by Star Motors and W.R.Durrance Engineering)
Its still hard to beat mechanical injection in good working condition.
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