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Art, Paul, et al. . .

I apologize for anything I've said that may have offended you. It was not my intention to get into a heated disscussion.

I have tried to make a point, which is valid. Maybe I didn't go about it the best way. I'll explain.

My comment about don't build it. . it will only work once is true based on the sketch. What, you say, here we go again. No, please follow closely. The 'sketch' as presented w/ pl would, if simulated, perform exactly as I said (''. . . it'll work once").

But if one were to build that circuit, it would work perfectly (for many times!). Then, how can this be? The answer is simple. There must be something wrong with the sketch. There is!

By adding the note such as:

If the LED is not available, then use a generic red LED along with a 370 resistor in series with the +12V lead.

All is right with anybody who reads it and builds it. Also the person who reads it knows the LED is 'special' and can be substituted with a generic LED and an extra resistor. Is that so bad?

So that's what I originally intended to show.

I've deleted all my earlier posts.
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