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I've got YOKOHAMA tires (P245/50R15) on my custom MB wheels. I've got them on my '84 500SEL Euro with the hydro pneumatic suspension. Somebody told me that this suspension (when operating efficiently) should be smooth as silk. Mine seems to ride rough. If I went back to the original wheels and tires will I get a smoother ride? I realize that I'm dealing with quite a few variables here. 1) I live in the Detroit, Michigan area. Anyone who is somewhat familiar with this area knows that the roads are horrendous. 2) The 50's have more tread on the road and I've been told will cause a rougher ride. and lastly 3) The car is from 1984 and, although it is a Benz, parts do wear out.

What do you guys think I should do? The car does look sharp with the custom wheels and 50's on it.

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