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Ride Height - too high?


I have an '87 300D. Since my front and rear suspension was rebuilt several months ago, my ride height seems higher than it should be. My mechanic said it seemed like the shocks were pushing up the car, and to see if it would settle. It may have, a little.

For a while one of my shocks was leaking, and somewhat recently the ride was VERY bad in wind (noticed this because I drove from TN to MT). Two independents could find nothing wrong except suggest shocks that were somewhat weak (Bilstein Comforts).

I replaced the rear shocks last night w/ dealer shocks (Bilstein). The ride high is a bit higher now. The left and right rear of the car is approximately 1/4" different too (was before and after shock install).

I'm wondering why my 124 might be so much higher than so many other 124 cars. Before the suspension rebuild, front and rear were sagging enough that everything looked OKay. But since, it seems to be "too high". I can clearly see the rubber mount on the rear shocks standing up several feet away from the car...

Any thoughts, ideas?

I have everything stock on this car and would like it the way it came from the factory.

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