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Thanks George and everyone,

I will replace the thermostat that just received today from FastLane. (What a lightning speed of service they have there, ordered yesterday late afternoon).

It seems like not that much difficulty to replace the t-stat, but I need better understanding before the work.

I have a few questions and need your kind advice:

1. Is it neccessary to replace the 3 bolts with new ones?

2. Do I need to drain the coolant slightly before open the t-stat housing? If I open w/o draining, how much coolant will be lost?

3. Any other precautionary procedure that I have to be aware of?

I feel like a dummy when come to working on cars again after 20 some odd years especially the newer and more complicated vehicles. When the repair bills runs high and the wallet is going flat, need to know how to D.I.Y. It is better learning late than never though.

Thanks again for all your advices, and this very valuable technical forum.


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