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Turning the Plunger in the Element changes the amount of Fuel the comes out.

Depending on where the Plunger is turned it should eventually stop/reduce dripping turning it towards the Engine or away from the Engine.
It is kind of difficult to describe why because it has to do with how the cuts/grooves (helix) on the Plunger is made and what that does.
I will try to give a brief explanation.
Before you get to begin Injection the Feed port in the Barrel of the Element is open so Fuel (with the Delivery Valve and Delivery Valve Spring removed) flows out the Drip Tube.
As you rotate the Fuel Injection Pump the Element Plunger rises and blocks off the Feed Hole in the Element and injection begins (as you approach begin of injection the amount of drips should decrease but you have to turn the Fuel Injection Pump really slow or you go right past the point you want).
Fuel is injected as long as the Feed Hole in the Element is blocked off.

You reach end injection when the Element Plunger rises high enough that due to the Helix (grooves in the Plunger) the Feed hole is again opened. If the Delivery Valve and Delivery Valve Spring were installed Injection would stop and the excess Fuel in the Element gets pushed out of the Feed Hole in the Element.
But, with the Drip Tube Installed and the Delivery Valve Spring and Delivery Valve removed Fuel goes into the Element Feed Hole and will start to come out of the Drip Tube.
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