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Originally Posted by MrWendell View Post
The car is FIXED! I took the plunge and pulled the IP with the crank set to 24 BTDC. Sure enough, the notch in the gear (looking straight at the front of the pump) was about 3 teeth to the left of the dot on the pump. Using a 19mm wrench, I moved the notched gear back in line with the dot on the pump and reinstalled it.

This time I was able to push the pump towards the engine and actually get the 1 drip/sec rate at 24 BTDC! I turned the engine over by hand and verified it two more times. Starting at 80 BTDC I get a constant stream from the drip tube until about 27 BTDC where it starts slowing to the 1 drip/sec at 24 BTDC.

I put everything back together and, after purging air from the injection lines it fired right up! Power is back to normal, it's quiet and it refires when warm with absolutely no glow--just like before all this drama.

It looks like the mechanic set the timing to ~45 BTDC--probably assuming it was the same as the fintails. Hopefully, no long term damage was done. Thank you all for your help--getting this fixed has been a year and half project!
Good Job!
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