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On the 603 there is no hand pump. Fill the main filter up to the very top with fuel (or, as we do at the shop, a bottle of Red Line Diesel Catalyst) and install it, but be sure not to overtighten it! Crank the engine until it catches and immediately give it some gas. If it stalls, just crank it again until it starts and keep it at high idle for a few seconds. Even on the older models with the hand pump, if you fill the main filter up to the very top, you shouldn't have to prime it with the pump. I never do, and besides, those old pumps leak too often. Which reminds me, while you're in there, remove the old hand pump (the type that you have to loosen with a 22mm? wrench) and get a modified one from the dealer that doesn't have to be loosened to pump it. Those don't leak. Hope this helps!

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