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Hi Mushedroom The metallic noise you're hearing indicates that the bushing is probably missing. As far as a DIY thread goes, all you need to do is look at the shift rod to see which one is gone. It's easily visible on the drivers side of the transmission. If you can SAFELY raise the car and crawl underneath, you'll find the shift rod attached to the shifter by a simple spring clip. Simply remove the clip and install a new bushing into the shifter. The only tools needed are a pair of needlenose pliers( to remove the clip ) and whatever it takes to coax the new bushing into place. Don't use any lubricant on the bushing as it will only make it harder to get a grip on. Instead, try leaving the bushing in a cup of hot( not boiling ) water for a few minutes prior to installation. This will make the bushing more pliable and easier to fit into the hole. A simple look underneath and you'll see what I mean. Good luck!
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