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Help me Mr. Wizard! Tumbler

Need advice soon! I have a 1991 300CE, 114k. The tumbler was loose and sloppy so I checked the archives. After reading threads on the dreaded tight/locked tumbler, I figured I'd better switch it out. I ordered a new tumbler from Mercedes yesterday and I should have it in a few days. Sure enough, when I turned off the car today, the key would not turn back completely to the left and I could not remove it. I figured, get the tumbler out now while I could still get to position "1". I removed the tumbler and it came out in two pieces. The upper collar broke off from the main cylinder. It looked like it had been broken for awhile, but in a way where the key could still start the engine. I don't want to put the tumbler back in and besides I think I lost one of the springs for one of the tumbler tabs. My question, is it alright to turn the car on and off with, say, a big screwdriver for the next few days?


1991 300CE
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