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Great shots! I just wish I had time to prep; my wheels were filthy and my lower body cladding is a mess (I didn't get a chance to go over them again after last weeks wax job)

I suspect you have these in a hire resolution as well....any more shots of the 600 will be greatly appreciated (Also did you manage to get any shots of the light blue 280SE next to the 600 and the black 1995 E320 Coupe?)
Thank you! and your car looked beautiful (btw thanks for parking it like that it made the pictures perfect). And I do have a few shots of the E320 Coupe, and I do have the 280SE next to the 600 (6th one down, will post a colored verison) I'm pretty sure I got most of the cars in the show.

280SE Pictures

E320 Coupe (I loved how clean and mint this car was! Absolutely need to get more pictures of this one next time)

600 Pullman

Some others

(50,000 original miles!)

And my pewter CLK (not really important but just wanted to add it haha)
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