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I know exactly your concern. I have a '91 300E that is too high as well. In the front, I can easily put my fist between the tire and the fender lip!

First thing to check are the spring collars. Look for the little bumps around the edges. It is my understand that the front rubber spring collars range from one-bump to four-bumps, the rears range from one-bump to three-bumps. The more bumps the greater the thickness of the collar and the increase in ride height.

I did notice that when I installed the front and rear Bilstein HD's that it seemed the car was higher. I am suspecting that Replacement Bilsteins have a greater gas pressurization and actually lift the car, sometimes slightly, sometimes to a greater extent.

I have learned quite a bit about auto springs so far. Not only do they supply a ride height and resist a load, but they also supply compression resistance and to a lesser extent an extension rate.

How many bumps on each of your spring collars?
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