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Originally Posted by tbomachines View Post
Now that im on a proper laptop with a keyboard let me elaborate a bit - the transmission cooler and the radiator are a single integrated unit. If you look at the radiator, you'll have both oil lines and coolant hose outlets on the same unit, along with that are the AC condenser (not attached) and the oil cooler on the drivers' side (also not attached). When its installed it sort of looks like one big jumble of pipes but they all serve a purpose. Its best to replace that leaky line before it gets worse and/or it bursts, running your trans out of fluid (chances are it is already low if you've had that leak). Its an easy replacement, just unscrew the old one, screw the new one into the fittings - make sure to use new washers if there are any on there. Also, since you'll be losing a lot of fluid its a great time to flush the old fluid out and do a filter change if you haven't the last 20-30k.
I knew it felt way too viscous to be coolant... Thankfully, it's a $20 part, an easy fix, and gives me an excuse to flush my transmission. Thanks for the info, tbo!

1987 560SEL (210,000 miles)
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