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Originally posted by nutsonmercs:
I've recently bought a 300 sel 6.3 liter (euro specs)It,s using too much fuel,about 2 mpg! There is lots of black smoke. disconnected all the cold start devices but to no avail.Does anyone have any tips on setting-up the fuel injection on these cars.
Many thanks

The most common problem with over rich mech injected motors is the inj pump thermostat (not the solenoid). The way to diagnose this problem is to warm up motor and pinch off the aux air that feeds idle during warm-up. I haven't done it in years on 6.3s but the idea is that as the t-stat warms up the airslide and the enrichment close at the same time. When warm shuting off the air line shouldn't drop the idle speed. This final shut-off can be adjusted at the t-stat but the t-stat has probably lost its umph (sp?).

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