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Mike B
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(Deep breath) - I have an ongoing problem with my 1987 300SL (Euro 107). Handling has been poor since purchase 3 years ago (see numerous previous posts) ie. directionally unstable on changing road camber, wobble under braking, suspension shake on rough surfaces etc. Loads of parts checked/replaced in the front steering/ suspension.

Yesterday I was checking the front and rear torsion bars and mounts. All seemed OK except when I came to try and remove the front drivers side torsion bar link. I notice that the link on this side was off the vertical by some degree when compared to the one on the passenger side. The link was being pulled over by the vertical misalignment between the torsion bar an the lower wishbone. The subframe to which the wishbones (upper and lower) attach seems to have been pushed back as the gaps between the subframe and adjacent fixed parts of the chassis are different from drivers to passengers sides.
MB have suposedly carried out 4 wheel alignment so I would have thought this would have easily picked this up.
Could there be some failed part at the front that could be causing excessice play on the drivers side? The sub frame mounts have all been recently replaced.

Any help or comments would be really appreciated on this frustrating long term problem.
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