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No Shifter Bushing = No Crank?

I saw this in a 240D-related post , but it also pertains to my car (260E) as well. It concerns shifter bushings:

The transmission selector lever on the transmission won't be in the proper position relative to the shift rod. The bushing is thick enough that the transmission lever (in the car) will be in park, but the selector lever on the transmission won't be fully iin park, and consequently the neutral safety switch won't be fully in park either, so it's sort of like trying to start the engine in reverse, the neutral safety switch will prevent the crank signal from reaching the starter solenoid. Usually you can tell the bushing is worn out both by the problem you described, and also you can hear the shift rod making a sort of clinking sound when changing gears (moving automatic shifter into different gears).....

Gilly from Wisconsin

I hear a metallic ping every time I shift. And lately I have been having no-crank starting problems. Prior to reading this post, I assumed it was related to overheating.

Will I need to pay $200 in labor to have a $5 bushing installed, or is this something I can do myself? (WIth only jackstands and tools.)
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