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Man, I really feel that someone was looking out for me--and one of my cars today..Since I had the day off, I decided to pull the valve covers on my 380SE and check everything out since it's at 110,000 miles and I haven't done a chain yet...Anyhow, I pull the left side cover off and what do I see but my upper-inner rail broken into bits! To make a long story ahort, I decided to replace all four rails and roll in a new chain. I'm still thankful that it didn't get to the point of no return (i.e. bending valves, etc..). So late this afternoon after a hard day's work in a not-so-warm garage, I finished everything up, and as a treat to the car for not doing me totally wrong, I have switched over to Mobil 1 10W-30 synthetic oil. Everything's back to normal, and she's running wonderful once again! WHEW!

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