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With so many cars, I don't know haow you find the time to go looking for trouble! Hats off to you!

A few days ago there was a thread from JOEL about changing ATF filerter asnd discussion about rotating the engine. Direction of rotation was discussed, and I jumped in with some warnings and reasons on why direction was critical. Joel started getting a little nervous, but I think you and Larry Bible calmed him down. From your postings, I can tell that the two of you have a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill, and MB experience. Thank you for sharing it with us, it does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated!

In the postings to joel, there was no discussion of the accuracy of my advice to joel. Much of my advice comes from knowledge on other cars, and belt driven overhead cam engines are definitely prone to being screwed by rotating the wrong direction. This puts the tension adjusting side of the cam drive, which is normally "unlaoded" except for tensioner pressure, in direct tension, which compresses the can belt tensioner and allows slop to build in the other side of the belt which is normally a staight shot in pur tension. Finally the belt jumps a tooth! All from turning the engine the wrong way! Darn that was a long description, hope it makes sense!

Is this a problem or a concern on any of the MB cars? I would like to know for my own knowledge and so I won't pass on bad advice! Also, on gas engines pulling the sparks is quick and easy and makes rotation so much easier, any advice diesels?


87 300TDT
150,000 miles

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