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Hello, great forum! I found out i should try to post a question about my Mercedes to see if anyone can help me.

My 190E (1985 euro) has suddenly become hard to start. When cold, it will start within a second on the first crank, but dies right away. On the second try, it start just as quickly and keep running for about 2 seconds before it dies. On the third attempt it usually keeps running, but the revs are low at first, slowly rising to about 700 rpm, and it's running rough. If I try to push the accelerator while this happens, it stalls right away. When started with a warm engine (or with the use of a block heater), it starts just fine. When the engine has reached operating temperature, it runs fine, but the idle is maybe a little high (about 1000 rpm in Park)

Could this be an faulty overvoltage relay or fuelpump relay? Or could the injectors be clogged in some way? It feels like it's not getting the fuel it needs. I tried to change the plugs, but to no help. It seems like it's time to take it to the mechanic, but it would be nice to fix it on my own...

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