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The early ones are easier than the new ones. The newer ones have a "2 piece" shroud surrounding the sides and top of the steering column, they are very stubborn to remove. The older ones have a "3 piece" surround; one large piece on each side of the column and a short part directly over the column. As you can guess, the first step is to remove these parts first. The 2 piece shroud connects together directly over the column.
After removing the shroud, you'll notice a pair of latches, one on each side of the column. The latches are pulled outwards and then the black surround molding which encircles the instument cluster can be entirely pulled downwards and removed.
The next step is to remove the 2 large plastic fasteners on the top lip of the instrument cluster (unscrew large slotted head fasteners half-way, then pull downwards by hand on the heads of these fasteners and the whole fastener will come out). There is also a screw on each side of the instrument cluster which must be removed. After that the instrument cluster will be free. Make sure the steering wheel is at it's lowest setting and pull out on the cluster. There is one electrical connector to remove. The cluster will be a fairly tight fit, but can be removed to the right of the steering wheel.

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