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I took my car to Glenville Auto Terrace ( it's in Allston, MA just around Harvard St. ). It's on Glenville Terrace or something.
They did a good job at a good price I think...

however, my service advisor from the local MB dealer recommends this guy..

Auto Engineering Body Works Inc.
774R Pleasant St. Belmont, MA

Peter - 617-484-9536 Just tell him that you got his number from Nathan of Herb Chambers..that's the service advisor's name.. a great guy BTW.

Good luck and what do you think of a small Boston/ New England Mercedes gathering? It'd be cool to talk to a group of enthusiasts. Because when I talk about these diesels to my friends they all think I'm nuts... hehehe... unless I talk about... 20" wheels, turbos, intakes, injectors, sound systems, neon lights, etc. :p
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