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IP 180deg off, is this possible?

HI Guys,

I purchased this 220D from a fellow who told me that car just stopped running??? I think I have found the problem. I have good fuel, glow and battery but I think the fuel/injection pump is off 180 deg, is this possible?
I turned the crank 24deg BTDC and did the drip test and she flows like a river. I turned the crank another 360 deg, again to 24deg BTDC on the next rotation (not for #1 cylinder) and the drip test can be set. With the limited knowledge that I have I can only assume that the pump is 180 deg off.

How do I change this? I have no idea what all has been done to the car but it looks as if it has had a good amount of attention recently. New starter, battery, hoses and such. I think all it needs is to have the timing corrected.

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