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What I read was in part that mbusa will extend elements of the engine warranty for 10 years/150,000 miles. On the surface, that is about 3x what any other manufacturer I know of will stand behind their product. Id call that excellent crisis management. Whether there will be a large enough number of FSS engines to fail to make further news is unknown. My experience with mb is that they generally offer an excellent and inclusive warranty and darned good engineering.....

...But not always. Personally I don't follow the FSS schedule for oil changes. Id like to see more specifics on what is warranted in this settlement.

About oil viscosity. The MB guidelines in the owners manuals that I have are stated for the expected outside temperature ranges. As an aside I remember reading somewhere that the only consideration for synthetic oil is the coldest operational range. According to the report all synthetics are capable at withstanding much greater max temps than dyno.

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