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Those, like mine, are the original style bushings. When you buy new bushings they will all look the same and puffy on each end, both front and rear. I'm currently working through my front suspension bit by bit, and thought the control arm bushings were the only things left needing replacement. Your bushings look fine, and nicer than mine which look like they're starting to have tiny shear stretch tears all around the circumference, but no rubber bits spewging from them yet.

I discovered a broken spring (bottom 2/3 coil on passenger side), has been for a while based on rust in the area.. but rides fine and still sits level. Common to this car. Makes sense to do springs as well as control arm bushings at the same time.

I also noticed the cheap tie rods I put in 18 months ago are worn (wiggling)! (Uro I think.. made in China *****). Got Lemforders this time, just put the driver side in last night... that took away some vibration and a clunking. As I was using pickle fork to remove the old, the ball ripped right out of the socket. Cheap plastic in there, probably no Teflon content. Never again cheap ebay parts for things that matter!

I've gotten pretty handy at doing front steering alignment (toe) in my garage using a string method.

What I do noticed is that every single thing I do in suspension adds more clarity and poise to the old girl. I'm very close to having the car handle as original, not the 24 year old it is. Jeez this is a nice highway car.
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