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Originally Posted by tyl604 View Post
Leathermang - I follow your posts and agree with you. However is it not correct that you can postulate low Freon if there are bubbles in the sight glass. At least that's what I remember from the good old days. My 81 300SD looks like a river current of bubbles going through the sight glass - and all the shops around here want to put Freeze 12 in it (not going to happen).
You did not put a question mark but I will assume one and answer the question..

NO. it is not correct that if there are bubbles in the sight glass one can be assured that the freon is low. You can ' postulate' if you want to ... but 'postulation' should not be acted upon concerning the amount of refrigerant.... LOL

That is stated specifically in the FSM ... as a warning..
and one of the conditions which can cause that false ' low' is a lack of sufficient air across the condensor during the test or filling... one of the reasons I preach sticking a blower putting air into the front of the car when charging or testing ....

Another way of saying it... bubbles can be caused by things other than being low on refrigerant...
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