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Hey guy I have Michelin XGT-H4's. If the vibration is still there in neutral the arrow points to the wheels / suspension. That has two primary flow chart directions. First question is is the suspension failing to control , maintain, the tire's contact to the road which is a suspension problem or is the tire reacting poorly to the road,, structure problem. If moving the tires around doesn't change the location of the vibration then your looking in the direction of the suspension. I should add here a big culprit in vibration problems is alignment. The tire is constantly bouncing/reacting to irregularities in the road surface.A good alignment and the suspension returns the tire to the road without the action being particularly noticed by the occupants but a bad alignment or worn parts leave the wheel under drag responding with an eliptical bounce instead of vertical and the suspension doesn't control that when it's constant. My pop is a GM tech last 32 years and what I have written above is what he has told me. I have used the theory with luck with my own cars. I hope it helps you diagnose the problem. It's also possible by the way that you have two bad tires.
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