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I usually end up removing the air cleaner assm to do the right side. The hard part for a novice is the air intake snorkel on the front of the air cleaner, the one that lets air into the bottom of the box. The intake runner coming out of the intake is pretty easy, either unsnap the 2 metal clips on the one side of the air mass meter or undo the one clamp on the other side, your choice. Once the air tube coming out of the air cleaner is removed, just pull up on the air cleaner box and it will unsnap from the chassis, there are 3 plastic lugs which go in to rubber grommets on the chassis. If any of the rubber grommets are still attached to the air cleaner box after you remove it, pull the grommet/s off and put them back into the holes on the chassis.
You can then remove the door on the back of the headlight assembly to reach the bulb.

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