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Question on "bulb out" indicator


On the '94 E320 I have a little problem. I'm troubleshooting the bulb out indicator and it's leading me down a dead end. Here's what's going on:

A few days ago the indicator came on with the headlights. I checked around and one of the rear corner marker lights was out. No problem. I replaced both with the Sylvania Euro bulbs. The number was 5005 if I remember correctly. Fine, fixed it.

The next day I get the light again. Here's the drill: Start it up, no light. Step on the brakes, no light. Parking lights, headlights, no indicator. When I put it in reverse the indicator lights up. Then it stays on until I shut the engine down and restart. The thing is that both backup light bulbs are working. I can't see anything wrong with that circuit.

Any ideas? Also, before it comes up the license plate lights and third brakelight bulbs are all good. This seems to be somehow related to the backup light circuit.


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