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Need Opinions

I am interested in the lists opinions from both the customer perspective and the shop owners point of view to my current situation.


Brought my 88' TE into a highly recommended, MB only independent on Tuesday for the infamous evap. R&R. They replaced all the vac. elements, along with the rec/drier, press. switch etc. The A/C is blowing cold again (40 deg. at the vent) and the dash looks as if it has never been touched. They provided me a nice 300D loaner for the two days they had my car. My previous shop stopped working on MBs (still works on my Saab), as a result this was my first experience with this shop. A Big $ repair from a new customer.


I pay the bill (ouch!) and approach my car and immediately notice 5-6, 4" long scratches and a large smudge on top of the drivers side front quarter panel (all in a 12" area). It looks to me as if they did not use a panel cover when working under the hood and a belt buckle or tool caused the scratches. Some of which are through the clear coat and paint. I bring this to the attention of the cust. service rep., she apologizes and says that they will have their "detail guy" work on it when he comes in on Friday. I calmly agree but make it clear that I expect it repaired ASAP. I am waiting for their call this morning with a solution (hoping I am not forced to call them).

As a customer or a shop owner, how would you handle this situation. What should I expect? This is a very clean, burgundy (mittel rot) TE. Paint is/was in excellent shape for a 14 yr. old car.


Ed C.
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