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Neil Richardson
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Question Kangeroo petrol???

Hi guys.

This is a joke. kangeroo petrol is none technical term used in the UK, when a car does not run smoothly - bit like mine really!!!

OK, when driving on short distances I don't have a problem. The longer the distance the greater the chance of the problem occurring. The engine seems to cough, splutter and choke when running at a good temp and when I put pressure on the engine like foot down on accelerator to overtake or going up a hill. Its like there is a blockage in the system somewhere. I've had the Kat and the rear silencer replaced and last week i had the rear muffler replaced. When accelerating from a standing start, at 4,000 rpm the engine seems to be asmatic - no offence intended. I know the fuel pipes are metal, buit it really seems as if they are made of rubber and get compressed when i floor it. I've had it in the garage and diagnostically checked. All they could find was that the fuel pumps (fuel from tank - sucking and the fuel to engine - blowing) were unsyncronized. The pumps were replaced and was fine for a few months up until today. Now its causing problems again . Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks guys - any help would be appreciated.
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